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An overview of Aud Aasbo's teaching schedule
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Schedule of classes

During this challenging time with the Corona virus I will be offering online tuition. For more information and to book a session please contact me on

Pilates private classes and duets

These classes can be booked at various times throughout the day. Please email me on with your preferred times and days.

Pilates group equipment classes with Aud 


8:00-9:15 (open level)


16:15-17:30 (open level)


 16:00-17:15 (open level)

Further dates and times can be added upon request



Pilates Mat classes with Aud 


10:00-11:00 Back care class

11:30- 12:30: Intermediate level Pilates (litt øvet/øvet)


8:00-9:00: Open level

9:00-10:00: Beginner level

17:30- 18:30: Open level

Further dates and times can be added upon request 

Classes with Monika Kadar


8:oo: Morgentrim – Pilates & yoga mix with focus on mobility and some strength

9:00: Funksjonell trening: Functional exercise with focus on strength and some mobility

10:00: Godt voksen funksjonell trening: Functional exercise for grown up adults

It is advisable to start with a private class before joining mat classes if you are suffering from an injury, or contact me on for advice.

For bookings and any other information please email me on

The studio has a 24 hour cancellation policy