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An overview of the types of classes Aud Aasbo offers and the price of classes
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Classes + Prices


During this challenging time with the Corona virus I will be offering online tuition. For more information and to book a session please contact me on 



We offer private classes, duets (2 people) and small group classes on mats and on Pilates equipment.

Our classes are bespoke, meaning they are tailored to your specific needs. Careful attention is made to adapt the class and the movement to suit the individual regardless of their background. We work closely with each person so they will achieve long term progress.

Our mat classes are small (3-4 people) and tailored to the needs of the group. We often  use small auxiliary equipment such as balls, weights and bands in these classes to adapt the movement, add variation and to target specific goals.

In our Pilates equipment classes we make use of several types of Pilates equipment (reformer, tower, Wunda chair, barrel and auxiliary equipment), creating varied and interesting classes which truly target your specific needs regardless of your age or background. 

Below is an overview the different types of classes and class packs available:

 Personal Starter Assessment/Welcome offer

(60 min private class): NOK 700

Before joining group equipment classes it can be helpful to start with a private class. The aim with this class is to map out your objectives and needs, so that future classes can be tailor made, safe and effective. We will go through your medical history, including previous and/or current injuries, a postural assessment and a shorter class.

Private classes

60 minutes

1   class : NOK 760
5   classes: NOK 3550
10 classes: NOK 6780

I offer 10% discount on private classes for students, unemployed and senior citizens providing appropriate documentation can be shown.

For clients who wish to attend more than one class per week, further discounts are available.

Duets classes

60 minutes

drop-in: NOK 440

5 classes: NOK 2140

10 classes: NOK 3740

Equipment group classes (3 people)

75 minutes

These classes are tailored to your specific needs and you will be following your own class program. It is like sharing a private class with two other people. They are slightly longer than private sessions.

Drop-in: NOK 375
5  classes: NOK 1800 
10 classes: NOK 3500

Pilates Mat classes

Drop-in: NOK 260

5 classes: NOK 1260

 10 classes: NOK 2330

Monika Kadar

Tuesdays 8am-11am

Monika will be teaching morning classes for up to 4 people in the studio

8am: Morgentrim: Pilates and yoga fusion  focusing on mobility and some strength work

9am: Funksjonell trening: Functional exercise focusing on strength and some mobility

10am: Godt voksen funksjonell trening: Functional training for older adults

Important information

Please wear comfortable, soft clothing suitable for moving in and socks. It is also generally advisable to avoid eating any bigger meals up to one hour before class.

Single classes, Starter Packs and packs of 5 classes are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Packs of 10 and 20 classes are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

I offer 10% discount on private classes in Oslo for students, unemployed and senior citizens, providing appropriate documentation can be shown.

Classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.

Classes can be cancelled via email or by phone and voice message only.